TMD Tekstil is a customer oriented textile company , that has been established by attempting with high experience and excellent knowledge of founder , occupied with production , quality control and sales in home textile market in Denizli.
Denizli is known as the capital of textile in Turkey. The history of textile in Denizli dates back 7000 years ago. Turkish towel is brand name of Denizli City. With having this experience and knowledge in the textile , TMD Tekstil has been guiding our customers’ demands. We know all your need and we can asisit your any requirements.
The first aim of our company is to offer satisfy and encourage our clients by our irreplaceable product quality and well-based relationships.
TMD Tekstil is keen to satisfy all clients with fascinating service and humour them further more. We invite you to share the emotions and quality of our products and service.
We take into consideration the aggressively competitive market conditions at all times and thus, provide our partners with good quality at cheap price in order to our partners’ strength to compete in their own markets.

OUR MAIN ADVANTAGES:              
1)   Quick producing capability for the tight orders.
2)   High quality products.
3)   Perfect service before and after sale.
4)   Customer satisfaction.
5)   Competative prices.

OUR MISSION:                   
TMD Tekstil is a customer oriented company and doing production for customers which are known with their quality.TMD Tekstil with its knowledge and experience,works to offer the best quality and service to its customers, and consider itself as a part of the customer.You`ll always satisfied by the good work and suplied by our support in every step of business.
 * Delivering goods to the customers on time and at the right   price.
 * Perfect service before and after sale.
 * Production qualified and creative designs. 
 * Giving importance to the training and satisfaction of the  workers.

General Manager